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Welcome to ABEL’s Website

ABEL is a voluntary organisation that developed out of the strong desire of parents to do something for themselves to overcome the devastating effects that bullying can have on children, their families and their community.

In 2000 ABEL formally known as ELPPAB (East Lothian Parents and Pupils Against Bullying) was launched to act with, or on behalf of, parents and young people to progress and resolve issues of concern, including bullying. This has been done to enable effective communication between parents, pupils and schools, building respectful relationships between all parties so that all young people receive the best possible education.

happy kidsWhat sort of help does our service provide?

ABEL offers information and support to the young person being bullied and their family and the young person displaying the bullying behaviour and their family.

In addition to the advocacy service offered there is also a self-esteem coach available who will work in a supportive way to raise the self-esteem, confidence and resilience of the young person in one to one sessions or within a small group.

Proactive workshops are written and delivered to whole classes, often at a point of transition to support young people with the next stage in their emotional development.

Group workshops and training for parents,pupils and professionals are also developed and delivered on a needs led basis.  

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