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‘I Think My Mind Is Tricking Me’ Workshop (ITMMITM)

These workshops can be tailored for P3-S2. They take the format of three blocks of upto 1 ½ hrs each.

The benefits from the workshops are raising an awareness to the effect our negative mind can have on:

  • Work
  • Relationships with peers
  • Confidence & self esteem.
  • A greater understanding of the relationship between our feelings and our behaviour.


‘My mind might be tricking me into thinking my friends don’t want me around when they do. I am going to ask them in the future’

‘I didn’t know that the other people in my class thought I am a happy, kind and helpful person’

‘I really liked the drama. It helped me understand how my mind can trick me & I would believe it’ Attach workshop presentation

 Workshop presentation

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