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Information for Parents

ABEL is a charitable organisation and as such is a free service, providing independent advocacy, information and support for parents and pupils attending school in East Lothian who are suffering the effects of bullying behaviour.

Your child maybe displaying bullying behaviour or experiencing it or both. Initial contact is usually by phone and we would be happy to give you all the information we can. This may be all that is required.

 If you felt further support was necessary, we would arrange an appointment. We are happy to come to your home or you are welcome to come to our office or we could arrange to meet you in your child’s school. You can also self refer by completing our referral form (copy at foot of this page), giving us as much information as you can and returning it to our office either by post or email.

Once we have talked through all the issues and discussed what has been tried we would inform you of the possible routes you could take and support you in your decision.

 We can arrange meetings with your child’s school and/or other agencies and support you at these if necessary.

 As well as our advocacy work, we can offer your child one to one support in school, usually on a weekly basis.

 We can also work with groups of young people to support them to  resolve issues around bullying, friendships that have broken down and to work on improving communication and relationships.

 Self esteem plays a large part in our relationships. Low levels of self esteem can often lead to bullying or victimised behaviour. We offer the support of a self esteem coach to help address these issues, in a positive way.

 Parent leaflet

 Referral form


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