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Information for Teachers and other Professionals

ABEL is a charitable organisation and as such is a free service, providing independent advocacy, information and support for parents and pupils attending school in East Lothian who are suffering the effects of bullying behaviour.

What do we do in schools?

We provide:

  • Support for staff in East Lothian to resolve bullying issues in school and in the community
  • Information and training for staff working with young people and families in East Lothian
  • Anti-bullying and bespoke workshops for pupils
  • Self esteem courses for staff
  • One to one and small group self esteem/support work with children/young people
  • Self esteem workshops for pupils

How to make a referral:

ABEL referral forms are available to download from this website or by contacting our office.

The referral forms have to be completed in full, the more information we receive at this stage will help us to assess the type of work and level of urgency required for the child/young person.

We can only accept referrals from professionals if parental permission is given and the young person wants work with us.

 Leaflet for Professionals

 Referral form

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